Overview Profile #4:

Your results show that you fall under the most complex of all digestive profiles, #4.  You may experience more cravings than the other profiles because your body doesn’t properly absorb much of the food you eat, therefore you crave what your body lacks. You are drawn to dairy foods, starchy food, and sweets; however they may cause you some stomach discomfort. You might even try to avoid these foods because they cause gas and diarrhea, which are usually blamed on a “sensitive stomach.” However a lack of production of the enzymes cellulase, lactase, and lipase are the probable cause of these uncomfortable symptoms, causing you to have the most trouble with dairy foods and fiber.

Ensuring proper digestion of the foods you eat is essential for your overall health. Z-Health believes that your digestive capabilities are unique, which is why we have developed a customized product to fortify your digestive system.

Balanced Digestion: Profile #4 includes a specific blend of digestive enzymes, probiotics and food sources that are specifically designed to enhance your ability to digest dairy foods and fiber to eliminate the effects of incomplete digestion.

In addition to digestive discomforts, undigested foods may enter the blood stream, tax your body’s natural detox organs (Liver, Kidneys, Lungs and skin), and may lead to other conditions. Over the course of your life, your enzyme deficiency could result in the following health problems:

Foods to embrace:

Profile #4 needs protein from any source other than dairy, and should try to eat complete proteins with each meal. Occasional red meats will provide much needed iron.

Because of the undigested foods in your system, your body can have slight to severe colon problems. The most common solution to diarrhea and colon problems is to increase fiber intake. But for your body, intake of fiber will cause even more problems because of your body’s inability to process fiber. Balanced Digestion: Profile #4 will help you to properly digest and absorb these problem foods and can alleviate your digestive problems.

The following chart lists foods that your body may have problems digesting due to your lack of cellulase, lactase, and lipase. You may often choose to avoid these foods because of their effects on your digestive tract. However the cravings are most likely still there. With the help of Balance Profile #4, you can enjoy these foods again in moderation and in balance with foods that cause little distress (recommended foods) in your body.

Problem Foods Recommended Foods

Dairy Products
White Flour
Fried Foods

Plant Proteins (nuts, seeds, beans)
Poultry (turkey is best)
Fresh Vegetables
Fenugreek Tea

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