About Z-Health™

Dr. DicQie Fuller

Ph.D. in Nutrition & Health Sciences

With over a decade of clinical experience specializing in enzyme therapy and nutrition, she is actively involved in researching the health benefits of enzyme supplementation. Dr. Fuller’s interest in holistic health began over 20 years ago when her daughter, Coleen, became seriously ill. Frustrated with ineffective medical treatment, she began to research natural and non-traditional therapies for an answer. Soon Dr. Fuller discovered her daughter‘s inability to properly digest, utilize, and eliminate food. Her research turned to Dr. Edward Howell’s work on plant enzymes as a natural way to bolster the digestive system.

Coleen began the enzyme supplementation and experienced rapid and lasting results. From that point, Dr. Fuller began to use enzyme supplementation clinically and personally; and not only is her daughter alive and well, but enzyme therapy has become Dr. Fuller's life’s work.

As a recognized leader in the field of enzyme supplementation, Dr. Fuller is continually sought after for health seminars, conventions, and committee meetings. She has appeared on ABC, PBS, and several national radio talk shows. Her significant contribution to the rapidly growing awareness of the importance of enzymes and nutrition have been honored in Who’s Who of Women Executives, Who’s Who of American Women, and Woman of the Year 1990. Dr. Fuller has published extensively, and authored “The Healing Power of Enzymes” in 199X.

Z-Health has been working behind the scenes with Dr. DicQie Fuller for nearly a year to formulate new enzyme-based products for health conscious consumers. Developing “enzyme support for every body” means that Z-Health will bring to market safe and effective wellness solutions packaged in a way that offers maximum benefit to the individual. 

Z-Health is passionate about educating consumers on the benefits of digestive enzyme therapy...Our company offers a diverse...efficient nutrient delivery.

Drawing on Dr. Fuller's experience in formulating natural enzyme products for the clinical marketplace, Z-Health is well-positioned to deliver natural pharmaceutical grade enzyme therapies to consumers.

Z-Health Corporation is the result of a unique combination of scientific and business know-how. Dr. Fuller provides the scientific foundation while Fulcrum Chicago Corporation, a Chicago-based venture development firm, brings deep healthcare and retail experience and marketing expertise.