Overview Profile #1:

Your digestive profile indicates that your body does not naturally produce adequate amounts of polysaccharolytic enzymes, which are responsible for breaking down all carbohydrates including starch, grains and fruit. Carbohydrates not only serve as your body’s primary source of energy, but also your brain’s preferred source of fuel.  Therefore your body’s inability to break down and utilize carbs often will manifest itself in a feeling of fatigue and mood swings due to lack of energy. Improperly digested carbs can not be used to feed the brain, rather, they ferment in your system causing bloating and gas. This dynamic creates a vicious circle: the more exhausted you feel, the more you will seek a quick fix by way of additional carbs and starches, often in the form of candy, chocolate or a cup of coffee.

Achieving and maintaining energy and balance through proper digestion of carbs is key to your long term health. Z-Health believes that your digestive capabilities are unique and we have developed a customized product fortified with active polysaccharolytic enzymes such as amylase, gluco-amylase, pectinase and others to balance your digestive system, which will positively impact your health and energy levels.

Balanced Digestion: Profile #1 includes a specific blend of digestive enzymes, probiotics and food sources that are specifically designed to enhance your ability to digest carbs and manage your energy levels.

Because of your inability to digest and utilize carbs, your body is looking for vitamins prevalent in carb-rich foods, such as vitamins B (found in foods such as grains and potatoes), C (found in fruits and vegetables) and K (found in green leafy vegetables). These missing nutrients result in cravings for the very foods that your system is not designed to adequately digest and utilize. If your body suffers a chronic shortage of these vitamins and minerals, there is increased risk of developing thyroid imbalance, cholesterol problems, skin conditions and chronic fatigue.

The following chart lists foods that your body may have problems digesting (“high stress foods”) due to your lack of amylase. You may often choose to avoid these foods because of their effects on your energy level and digestive tract. However the cravings are most likely still there. With the help of Balance Profile #1, you can enjoy these foods again in moderation and in balance with foods that cause little distress (“low stress foods”) in your body.

High Stress Foods Low Stress Foods

Any foods with high amounts of carbs:

  • White/enriched flour
  • Refined grains
  • Simple carbs:
    • Sugar, breads, white pasta, potatoes, fruit juice, alcohol
  • Pork & fried foods
  • Shellfish

You require higher amounts of protein than other body types, so the foods listed below are all protein-rich:

Moderately high amounts of protein such as:

  • Eggs
  • Turkey/Chicken
  • Tofu or other plant proteins
  • Legumes (beans & peas)

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