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Enzymes could be next big thing

(Chicago, IL — February 19, 2007) – NEW YORK – CHAIN DRUG REVIEW – Encouraging results from research and the recent introduction of an innovative line of digestive enzymes into specialty stores could be the first moves toward making enzymes a regular part of drug stores' nutritional supplements sections.

Like many other substances manufactured naturally by a person's body, the production of enzymes tends to slow down as one ages. Taking supplements keep enzyme levels at optimal levels.

In a study done at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, researchers found that plastic surgery patients who took Enzymes Inc.'s InflammEnz healed nearly 20% faster than patients given a placebo.

"If you can translate this kind of faster healing after a facelift or a breast augmentation, you are talking about a cost savings in the recover process that could amount to billions of dollars," Dr. Rod Rohrich, chairman of the university's platic surgery department, said recently.

In addition to treating inflammation and helping accelerate the healing process, enzyme supplements have been shown to aid gastrointestinal problems. Unlike products that are used to ease inflammation and that should be taken on an empty stomach, digestive enzymes are designed to be taken with meals and assist the body in breaking down food and assimilating nutrients.

While most digestive enzymes on the market are marketed as one-size-fits-all products, a new line launched in December takes the market one step further.

The Balanced Digestion™ line from Z-Health Corp.™ targets people's specific digestive disorders. People with different body types have problems digesting different types of food, notes DicQie Fuller, the nutritionist who created the line after studying patients' digestive conditions for nearly 20 years.

Which type of food is a problem and which enzyme can best address a person's digestive trouble, Fuller says, depends on that person's body type. Consequently, the Balanced Digestion line has four different digestive enzymes.

"Until now digestive enzymes have taken the one-size-fits-all approach," Z-Health senior vice president of sales and marketing Dan McNulty says. "But Dr. Fuller's research shows that some people need help with digestion of fat, while others feel especially bloated after eating a protein-rich meal."

About Z-Health

Z-Health is a research-driven company that discovers, develops and brings to market a diverse range of enzyme-based products and additives designed to improve health via optimum digestion. The company is focused on producing both stand alone product as well as enzyme additives designed to enhance product effectiveness. For more information on Z – Health or digestive enzyme supplements please visit www.zhealthcorp.com.

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