Body Typing

The Art of Measuring

The art of body typing can be easily accomplished by following the guidelines below. We recommend using a metal caliper that measures in centimeters to get the most accurate measurements. Calipers, which have a U-shape, can easily be place on both sides of the body, in the positions described below, without obstruction from other body parts.

Clavicle imageThe measurement at the shoulders is taken where the acromium of the scapula joins the clavicle. This is called the Acromio-clavicular joint. Run your fingers along the clavicle until you feel a slight rise, which is the joint. Right below this joint is where you take the measurement. When you enter this area, it is normally very sensitive to the touch. Place each end of the caliper into this area on each shoulder and take the measurement.

Measuring of the iliac will be slightly different between the male and female. Although overall similar in appearance, the structure is shallower and wider in females to allow for the specialized function of child bearing. Therefore, you find the front of the top of teh hip bone, and follow it down until you fall into the indention or groove in the crest to arrive at this measurement. Again, place the caliper on each hip where you found your mark and measure.